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Sinusitis | Sinus Inflammation

Sinusitis | Sinus Inflammation


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Sinus Zen - natural concentrated formula that assists for the natural treatment of sinusitis (sinus inflammation) caused by a bacterial infection after a cold or allergy.

The formula's strength comes from the fact that it addresses every possible cause of sinusitis: it drains accumulated liquids in the sinus,

Tpoolzen ™ | Anti Viral Strength Plants | Formula Clean zen + Vita zen | 200ml Tpoolzen ™ | Anti Viral Strength Plants | Formula Clean zen + Vita zen | 200ml
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Result of the innovation of the start up and the University of Bar Ilan, ™ is a mask with revolutionary tissue which eliminates bacteria and viruses including covid-19 and prevents their proliferation thanks to an ultrasonic encapsulation process of Zinc nanoparticles. This anti-viral fabric with a washable and durable material, provided with a double layer of filtering protection, eliminates more than 99.99% of bacteria, filters and neutralizes particles at more than 98% for diameters of more than 5 microns.

+ Anti-microbial | Anti Viral  Anti Virus
+ Active Virucidal double layer
 Active Process 1 year minimum
+ Machine washable
+ Wash once a week only
+ Adjustable & Resistant
+ Clinically Validated
+ Does not retain odors | Anti germs
+ Elegant satin finishes


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    COVID-19 TESTED    

ruit of the innovation of 3 internationally renowned Technion doctors and professors, MayaPatch ™ is a sticker that sticks to any disposable mask or fabric, it eliminates viruses and bacteria and prevents their proliferation. This virucidal patch is used in the medical environment in several Israeli hospitals including the famous Rambam hospital in Haifa. The sticker has been tested on the coronavirus and works, it is used by doctors as well as patients affected by covid-19. The Maya sticker is completely waterproof, letting air pass but filters humidity and therefore prevents viruses of any size from passing through, the aim being first of all to damage the vehicle of the virus: the drops and the humidity, then capture and destroy the virus..

+ Anti-septic | Anti-Viral Covid-19  Anti Virus
+ Waterproof | Active virucid
 Active Process 24H
+ Used in medical environment
+ Easy to stick on any type of mask
+ Clinically validated at Technion
+ Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health
+ Daily used in Israeli hospitals
+ Suitable for public transports
+ Suitable for retirement homes
+ Capture and neutralize the virus
+ Can be touched by hands during and after use





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