Herbalism - Herbal Medicine

Herbalism is the science that studies the medical properties and the treatments inherent in medicinal herbs. Herbology = the study of herbs, is based on the concept that when the earth was created, mankind received the plants to be used as food and medicine.

Medicinal herbs were used as treatments for thousands of years and were a major part of traditional medicine around the world. Nowadays, the benefits of medicinal herbs have won widespread backing from clinical research and laboratory trials. Medicinal herbs are used by 80% of the world's population, to treat diseases and various health conditions.

Medicinal herbs help treat physiological, emotional and mental strata. Medicinal herbs are effective in treating chronic illnesses which stem from the disruption of the physiological processes associated with metabolism in the various systems of the body.  Conventional medical treatment delays the symptoms associated with chronic illnesses rather than acting as a solution to the source of the issue.

Medicinal herbs work in synergy and one of their biggest benefits is that they have practically no side effects. The herbs contain vitamins, minerals, essential acids, anti-microbial material (anti-bacterial, viral, fungal) anti-inflammatory, pain-killers, and other natural ingredients which help improve the body's function and increase good health. They can be used external to rejuvenate skin and treat itchy and problematic skin.

Conventional chemical medications attempt to combat symptoms. They act by suppressing or destroying the symptoms. Herbs, on the other hand, do not do that. Generally, the herbs function much more gently and gradually. The herbs help by allowing the body to naturally and slowly heal itself. By using medicinal herbs, the body becomes strengthened and allows the person to do introspection and determine what the causes are that caused his illness, and in doing so allows him to prevent reoccurrence.  In addition, most conventional medications have side effects. Medicinal herbs contain active ingredients identified from plant sources, and are therefore a natural substitute which have no side effects and do not cause dependency.

Medicinal herbs grow in organic conditions, and arrive in extraction form, as syrup or capsules.