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Terms and conditions of use

Tpool Zen Website - http://www.tpoolzen.com is a site on the Internet runs a virtual shop to sell products on the Internet browsing public in Israel and abroad (hereinafter referred to as "public" or "customer" or "user" (. Every use and / or browsing and / or a purchase will be made strictly according to instructions provided herein and elsewhere on the site. stated in the masculine also mean in the feminine, and vice versa. said in the singular also mean in the plural, and vice versa.

The administrator reserves the right to periodically update the terms and conditions without prior notice, and the public updated independent of these changes. The administrator reserves the right to update and change the site and its services, including the scope and availability, without prior notice. User shall have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against the site for these changes and / or malfunctions which may occur during execution.
For additional information, please contact by e-mail address: tpool.zen@gmail.com.

Medical advice and content related to health and illness situations

All content on the site are not a substitute for professional advice. Content appearing on the site is intended to provide information and do not constitute medical advice, professional medical advice or a substitute for consultation with a specialist. The purpose of the content appearing on the Site is to be used as an aid and to expand personal knowledge of the users before they turn to an expert in the area they choose. Sometimes express a certain content or access personal opinion of the author. The material on Tpool Zen, as is customary in the medical field are dependent on the circumstances and facts of each case and should be treated the care required. In any case, especially when a case of a medical emergency should not rely on the content and tips on the site, but consult a specialist immediately evacuate immediately for treatment at the local hospital. In many cases, delay in providing treatment from a doctor or specialist hospital treatment may be dangerous or fatal.

Security and privacy

Website - http://www.tpoolzen.com invested resources in creating a system for information security and privacy practices, based on advanced tools. Tpool Zen site undertakes to make an effort for customer satisfaction and to secure the site and the level of service in the SSL certificate and CVV defense mechanism that allows security Mrsimlit of the site. Please note that credit card details are automatically deleted Mamarct after billing.
Database user acknowledge and agree that shall not have any claim against the owners and / or the operators and / or their representatives about it. Tpool Zen site - http://www.tpoolzen.com not bear any responsibility for any unauthorized use and / or abuse and / or misuse and / or fraudulent use made by third-party data processing computer records of the site , the principal computerized record of all actions on the site, will be proof to them.
Use of this website and virtual store operated site:
Any person and / or company and / or other legal entity can do virtual store site operated under strain treatment aggregate all of the following conditions: The user database isaged over 18 years. Database user owns an e-mail network.

In carrying out the operations on each user will get different information, as indicated and as stated above, delivery is essential to purchase products and / or services offered on the site, but is not required by law. Store User Site obligation to provide accurate, complete and up to date. Operators reserve the right to act - in their sole discretion - If using store site violate this commitment, including (but not only) by way of cancellation of one - sided subscription and / or transaction or limitation.


The site will provide only new products in order. All prices on the site include VAT.
Data products listed on Tpool Zen are as provided to those operators of the website and / or management of the site by the makers of these products are the sole responsibility. In any case, for the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that Tpool Zen site is not responsible for the content and correctness of data. It is clarified that site warranty is limited to products appearing in high cost of product only. Responsibility for the quality of the product has the manufacturer and / or importer in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law - 1981 and the regulations issued thereunder and prosecute all. Under no circumstances will the owners and / or operators and / or its representatives any liability for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, and / or any other damages of any kind, including without limiting the foregoing, damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits arising out of or related in any way to the use or performance of the site, for delays used or inability to use the site. All information published on the site, including commercial offers and / or third party advertising (the information) on various products, and in general, is general information only.
When using the products sold on the site has run only - guidelines and indications famous next to each product. Information should not be posted because the promise and / or warranty of any result and / or the imposition of any liability on the Site and / or the operators are actively selling products there. The site will not be responsible for any damage, direct and / or indirect, which may be caused as a result of user reliance on information published on the site and / or links to other websites and / or any source of information indoor / outdoor else and / or use of products which are sold on - hand.

Product Replacement Policy

The site will replace or return the proceeds of any defective product or not, which was delivered to the customer under the terms of repayment, which are described below:
- Product returned within 18 days of receipt by the customer;
- Product returned in original packaging without any use made of it;
- Product will be mailed to Tpool Zen, Dizengoff Center 3rd Floor Tel Aviv. With a message by phone in advance;
- Full name and address of the customer and shall be attached to the exact product.


We do our best to send the products immediately upon receipt of the order and arranging payment for it. However, delivery times have we undertake are up to 18 business days. Business days are Sunday - Thursday, excluding Fridays, evenings Holidays, Saturdays and holidays, festivals and public holiday. Products to be supplied under way shipping chosen by the user on the purchase. Counting the days supply begins the first business day after the day arranging payment. If details were provided incomplete and / or incorrect delivery date will be extended to select it. The site shall not be responsible for any delay in delivering the product is not under his control. Products will be made to supply the client and / or the post office nearest to his residence and / or any place and / or in any way coordinated with the customer.

Cancelling Transaction

Website reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to provide a particular product. In this case, we will notify the customer of the cancellation of the transaction or, alternatively, will be offered a replacement product, and if the client will not accept the offer will be entitled to cancel the transaction and will be spending all of them.

Advertising and e-mail updates

Site management undertakes details offer of a product and / or service on the site and the site user information will be used for internal use only and not of the site will be by website owners and operators outside third parties. The information will be present in the system will be used in part to send e-mail from time to time about special promotions or updates on the site. If you would like to receive e-mail you can remove your address by return email address: tpool.zen@gmail.com.


Copyright on all the elements in it, including the name of the site, utilities used to running, trademark, design, text, images and other information belonging to Tpool Zen and / or have the rights to it, which store the information therein, whether included specific information about copyright notice or not. forbidden to make any use of these elements, including copying, reproduction, distribution, display, transmission to a third party and / or any other use without consent from the management of the site - in writing and in advance.


Site may contain hyperlinks (links) to other sites, Israeli or foreign. Site and / or the operators are not responsible for information and / or service in other sites in every way, including any injury to feelings users. The presence of link to the site is not a recommendation to visit, unless specified explicitly stated.


The site is provided as is ("AS IS"). User hereby waives any claim and / or demand against the owners and / or operators and / or its agents in respect of service features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to user needs and requirements. User shall not, and / or anyone on its behalf any claim and / or lawsuit against the owners and / or operators and / or their representatives except for claims related to breach of obligations of the owners and / or operators under regulations and rules of participation are.
In any case in which, due to "force majeure", could be the site owners and / or operators to manage the site properly, provide the products or to any other liability, regardless of the site may cancel the contract with the buyers, in whole or in part. In this section, "Force Majeure" means: including computer malfunctions, failures or malfunctions in phones and other communications systems, devices and any security incident.
These regulations and any matter related to the use of this website apply Israeli law and jurisdiction on all matters related to and / or vested to derive from it - the competent court in Israel. In the case of a dispute venue will be in Tel Aviv only.


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